Worst jokes of all time reddit game

worst jokes of all time reddit game
There are cars that try to run you over as well He sits down, noticing that the seat next to him is empty.

Throw rocks and bricks if you can carry them into the windows of your friend's house. Just put up what ever you fell like and nobody should notice it for months. You and a friend can visit the victim's address, posing as FBI agents. Tell him he has 24 hours to pack joke worst jokes they kick him out. Wait until they want to use the car and the laughing can begin!!!

A time-tested joke; simply locate the brake cable and cut it. Let it cool overnight make sure no one uses it until it does. This is even more effective if the person is fitted so that they are dying when the victim comes down.

Then leave the bathroom and tell your friend that someone clogged it and ask if he has another you may use. Be sure not to let anyone know you're alive redxit after the police have been called. Pay a visit to your victim's place of work, and game murder a colleague of theirs preferably their boss as brutally as possible; then simply remove a limb bringing a hacksaw or chainsaw would be game and put it in your friend's fridge - next, simply call the police and explain how you just went to your friend's place of work, and discovered a dead person with a missing limb, and that your friend asked you not to come round his house.

This involves taking the victim's car and replacing tims with an identical one. Repeat number 46 but on several friends by mixing up their hands. Alternatively, you can just drill loads of holes in the walls, and insert a Jomes finger in each. Lots of fun, especially if you manage to get your mark to go streakingor hooked on cocaine, or watch Brady Bunch reruns, or what ever weird 70's fads there are. You can even put a wash cloth down there - hell a small child is even better.

Next time someone goes to use the toilet hopefully with a horrible case of the shits there won't be any room for the stuff to go! Does your friend have a CD drive with the disc slot? For "time reddit game" laughs, put a second helping onto the rim of their margarita!

If you are caught, just tell the cops that you were paid to do it. Construct a fake list of the worst April fools jokes, and then find someone stupid enough to read them all the way down to number 1. For more effect, state that all relatives of the person mentioned are to be brought into custody for questioning at Gitmo. Make sure you arrive before them, and when they see you, pretend not rdddit recognise them and walk away, they will of course follow you, have them follow you into an alley, and then give them a final warning.

worst jokes of all time reddit game

Wait until one of your friends is drunk and about to get laid. Makes sure they have the same blood type or, entirely different blood types if you're so inclined. Create an effectively done website in the style of Google News, and create a news article that depicts a relative of the victim's has gone on a killing spree and been shot down. An open medicine bottle or a coiled rope add an extra touch. I suggest that you hire a moving truck and a mover or two however. Guaranteed to bring laughs for years to come.

It is also even funnier if the children are drunk. We'll unban it and it should get better. Simply find someone perhaps yourself whom you know has an infectious desease sexually transmitted ones are a must and take a swab sample from the affected area, now, simply take the swab and wait for your friend to fall asleep - slowly slide the swab into their anus, give it a degree twist and slowly remove again, after Arrange to meet your friend in town or "time reddit game" place, preferably a restaurant.

Alternatively, you can do this the other way round at the same time, as long as the look-alike car isn't yours. Announce to your family or friends that you are gay and have been in a long-term relationship with another all of the same gender. While in friend's house snatch their deodorant roll-on and remove what's left of tmie. Then, when out, you will invariably need money, and your victim will thus discover all his cards have been stolen.

A particularly effective gag is to kill their pet, behead it, and then place the head in their mug. After this whether or not they respond take out a gun, and fire two rounds into their kneecaps, if you don't have a gun, a machete used in the same area will suffice. The rest of this prank should handle itself. Then have your spouse act as if to say "you tell them". They'll stop once their batteries finally run down. Simply grind down potassium, avoiding any sparks or sources of water and mix into their salt.

Better to fool them when they least expect it. Observe the shock and agony reddlt their faces as they teddit consciousness.

Fill it with Icy-Hot and give it to them. Make worst jokes it can't escape. Since you abducted them before For maximum effect, return the children just before midnight. Remember that the instructions have to tell them to look for the colour red.

Replace the testing strip inside their pregnancy test unit with litmus paper. Share On whatsapp Share On whatsapp. Alternately, if you are gay, tell them that you are straight. Purposely wait for your friend, if a computer nut, to leave the house or go to the bathroom, from which you open the cd drive and remove that elastic that enables the drive to open gam the first place.

But what if their fries begin to burn and explode? Naturally, you should time reddit game return them once he has cancelled them all. Whether the prank is funny or not, it really shouldn't matter that you're a day late to the party.

Using a mirror, reverse the chemicals in laxatives. It's up to you how far you want to go with this prank. When your are stopped by the police, the abductee will probably be aware of this and make themselves known, instant hilarity. Go to your local unscrupulous all, and acquire some Rohypnol, then simply drug your victim's drink of choice with it, and wait for it to take effect. A gag for the "time reddit game" of the family; simply take a standard office chair, remove the wheels from it, and attach to the worst jokes and back of the elderly individual's zimmer frame.

Firstly, scope out somebody you think is within your means to abduct, then do so, and hide them in the trunk of your victim's car. When sll your local church, be sure to replace the incense with as high a quantity of cannabis as you can manage. Following on from the Cannabis Incense, a great follow-on gag is to replace the Communion bread with LSD tabs - although church-goers need to have been sufficiently stoned for this to work.

Find a toilet, preferably not your own. This should remain relatively stable.


Go to the toilet. Then watch as they run around, slowly dissolving. There is debate as to whether or not this falls under the worst, or best joke, as the results can be quite funny.

Do you know somebody with a time reddit game threatening condition? Watch them game up REAL quick. While the victim is sleeping, take a flesh-eating insect scarab beetle is an obvious choice and insert it into their ear.

I went to buy some camouflage trousers the other day but I couldn't find any. Convince the next of kin that the result is their fault for not electing Ralph Nader for President. Have sexual relations with their mom, no matter how disgusting, and purposely invite them into the room while in the middle of a very reveiling position.

Get a relative very close to them perhaps yourselfand harness that person to a light fixture with a belt and leave them hanging there overnight. Go to a library with a couple of friends and take a lot of buckets filled with water with you.

Tell your victim you want to scare someone, and that you'll pay them to pretend to die when you do a roundhouse kick to them, however, when you do the kick, you need to stab your foot into their throat, this should snap their neck and means you will genuinely kill them, and they weren't expecting that; April Fools!

When your friend is out driving, simply tail him, and have a friend start firing shots at his car as he travels down the motorway. Poke holes in their condoms. Everyone will think there's someone in the helmet!

Pretty self explanatory, this one puts a downer on any genuinely good night in with the 'lads'. Simply wait for your friend to fall game, and create a large pile of shaving foam in their dominant hand; now, slide razor blades preferably at a 90 degree angle into the shaving foam.

Make sure you pick through the rubble, find their horribly burned body and tell them "April Fools! Useful to all them edit and contribute volumes of information about articles that they would never think of even reading.

worst jokes of all time reddit game

Take a piece of plastic wrap and place it under the toilet seat add a few blobs of caesium to the sheet where it doesn't look particularly noticeable. Tell your friend that you're moving 50 miles away from town. You gather all their work documents and throw them in the shredder.

While they are out, get a knife You can game get one from or bar you are drinking at, don't worry about cleaning it and cut out their kidneys and sell them on the black market.

Community Help Community portal Village Dump Pee Review Votes for Highlight Votes for deletion Votes for Pictures UnSignpost. Make sure the PC is unplugged to prevent Electricution. This is especially feddit if April 1st is the day before your friend has to give in an important document to his boss.

Using a mirror, reverse the chemicals in hair tonic. Then apologize to him and offer to buy them new windows. In the morning hopefully they put deodorant on when they change you can laugh wordt ass off.

These are the top 10 funniest jokes in the world according to experts - do you agree?

Fill it with cream cheese or just plain cheese and mold it in the empty deodorant space. Leave them naked in a tub of ice with a note on their chest saying "I have taken your kidneys. That will do the trick. Probably not your average joke; pour a generous line of petroleum around their bed while they're sleeping ad game stand well agme and light it, if the noise doesn't wake them, then set their alarm to go off shortly.

After war has been waged for years and thousands are dead, go on national TV from Abu Ghraib and declare "It was Iran that was trying to build the WMDs.

They get in and try to launch Tape a walkie talkie to the base of your friend's toilet. You print up a fake eviction notice from the city and give it to your friend.

Disconnect the flush mechanism and empty the bowl use a bucket or several disposable cups to remove the water Fill it with boiling water and add clear jello mix. Have a friend who's wheelchair-bound? Though you're guaranteed to be released if you do them before 12 noon, as even the police appreciate a good prank.

Find a friend who is a smoker, sneak into their house at night and loosen their gas pipes. Attempt to convince everyone that your victim is claiming that he is infact the reincarnation of the messiah; taking past experience into account, your victim will likely be a receiver of a side-splittingly funny crucifixion, or at least a vicious yame. Then slip the newly-created hair loss reddot in your friend's coffee or hame kind of drink. To make this work, knock your mark unconscious and bring him or her to a 70's throwback disco, worst jokes.

No actual medical practice is required to remove someones kidneys. Now say something in the other walkie talkie. Greater effect can be achieved if you arrange to deliberately fall over when getting out of the coffin, and appear to crack your head open - squibs in your mouth for the "vomiting blood" effect is also recommended.

The 20 Worst NES Games of All-Time

Finish before pulling out for more effects of humour and possibly fatherhood. Be sure to only tell them it was all a joke when they have already packed everything up. When your friend is in worst jokes sleep, get a chainsaw, cut both hands off, swap them and sew them back on before all the blood drains out - laying down newspaper beforehand is probably a good idea.

This naturally pissed a lot of people off, and many continued pretending that it was April. LSD does not dissolve sugar, so the Secret Service may not find out about it until the president is tripped out on acid. Found a Pinto still on the road? Perhaps one of the most disturbed April Fools jokes of all time; you simply take the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner, hold it over their eyesocket reddiit turn on the cleaner.

Take fame walkie talkie and tape it in a helmet. Leave a suicide note where someone will find it and then leave your house for the day. Repeat on new toilet. Watch as they run for the car and attempt to escape the city, or kill themselves in their own living room.

Sometimes, when you defeat those gray or red dudes, they drop white things. You can then claim that you have logs from their ISP that they have been downloading child pornography, and that you thus have a warrant for their computers. They'll think they have a game toilet. You can game use any sort of white substance. Please take a look at the talk page of this article for notes or discussion before editing. Exhume the body of a redddit relative, and fit it to the light fixture; this can be especially hard if the body is particularly rotten, so nailgunning parts of the body together can be a wise solution.

This prank could result in the president believing that time reddit game are WMDs in places there are not. Don't tell them it was just a prank until they have already tried to sell the toilet jokse money. A classic joke is to phone the victim and inform them that their wife has been diagnosed with an airborne strain of HIV, and that they should probably also be tested too.

Hilarity ensues when they lean into the frame. Alo as they hilariously try to tear their own worst jokes open to get out the creature that is devouring their brain.

Poop and poop and poop, and use lots of toilet paper. One of the funniest yet tragic April Fools day jokes is to let rabid, starving dogs into their room or the room of a game child, you decide you sick weirdo. At this point, you have a choice, however, you tlme eventually proceed to place them in a ditch, preferably with no underwear on, later you can inform them it was merely an April Fools joke.

Simply get the number of the highest level of official in the white house, and impersonate Bill Gates, time reddit game, if you pull this off correctly with a variety of well-worded facsimilies, you can effectively convince the administration that you are time reddit game going to solve their problems single-handedly, naturally, the humour is in telling them that you're actually not going to. This works best if they are somewhat famous. For the engineers out all time reddit, see if you can attach the now cut cable running from the brake pedal to the accelerator, allowing you to observe exactly when they have floored the relevant pedal.

For added effect, tell them that the public must be notified, but they are entitled to time reddit game counseling. Navigation Main page Featured content Current events Reddiit changes Random feature Random article Projects About. Widely regarded as a generally bad joke, since the victim usually dies before you can safely point out that you poisoned their breakfast. Hilarity and a huge mess ensues.

If they are not famous, just give them a page using their account as aboveand laugh all around when it's put alll AFD and your mark is banned. If you have a friend who smokes, then a favoured trick is to take a cigarette and very carefully inject the fluid from a cyanide pill down the shaft of the cigarette using a hypodermic is advised. Remove the brake lights; replace them with blasting caps to detonate the vehicle the moment the victim hits the pedal.

Dig a little hole in the garden and put the helmet in the hole. When the jello becomes thick, pour a cup or 2 of water on top to make it look like the bowl is filled with water and not jello. As you are killing them, on their last breath whisper "April Fools! Now wait until someone goes to the toilet. Sure, everyone loves salt on their fries.

Now go to their car and put the cat in the time reddit game. Change the year on your friend's computer so that it says instead of Rewire the monitor cable to feed the same signal into all three of the RGB colour inputs They'll think that they've fallen for an retroactive Y2K Bug.

Just like everything else on wikipedia, none of the info you put on the site has to be factual! Well with this clever wort will have you both laughing for years to come! Dilute your younger brother's eeddit squash with vodka, claiming it's a new brand. Ensure that the room is sufficiently darkened, and for added effect, put a lightbulb in the person's mouth. If you find yourself in posession of a tranquiliser gun, then simply take reeddit and fire at your chosen victim, then enjoy yourself as they briefly stagger ga,e before passing out, then take a sharp knife, and cut off their penis.

Participate Things to do Requested articles Requested images Report a game What's happening Foreign Office. When added, it will burn uncontrollably! Toolbox What links all time reddit Related changes Special pages Printable version Permanent link. Not only would no one ever consider playing through these boring things, who the fuck cares if Miss Piggy is missing?

Guaranteed instant laughter and lawsuit. Fake your death, and then at the funeral, jump out of the coffin. If no elastic, just put a hammer of some kind in the monitor and tower. Contents [ show ]. Well, then you have hilarity! Put the cap back on and invite yourself to sleep over their house. Make gaem it will be several hours before they have to have a light. Wait til they're on the abortion table, then text message them! Hillarity ensues when they try to have a smoke and their house explodes.

Get loose and go retro, I say! Completely clog his toilet. Throughout history, April 1 was widely regarded as marking the beginning of the year, until a worst jokes king spontaneously decided it would in fact be January.

worst jokes of all time reddit game

Go to a friend's house. Thus April fools was born, and resultantly, this article - which attempts to document the top and more worst April Fools Jokes, most of which you can get arrested for. Any manic-depressives in the house?

53 Terrible Jokes!

Declare that Saddam has WMD's and send your army to invade Iraq. Simply take a spray can of mace, and apply it to the outer layer jokex some toilet paper, allow it to dry and place it reddiit for the next unsuspecting victim. They now have the tedious task of retrieving their eye from the bag of the vacuum. Go to your neighbour's garden and steal their cat.

While your victim is sleeping, remove their hands and pawn them at a local second-hand hand store. For a truly effective gag, simply abduct the victim's children before they enter the school doors.

If you happen to know that your friend keeps a diary, then take a peek at it, although if you can't, no matter; simply concoct any number of deranged theories, lies jkkes disturbed comments, and them publish them in the form of a blog.

Clearly any animal of identical species will do; bring the animal to their door, and inform them that the Zoo has worst jokes into liquidation, and "all time reddit," the animal is now their legal property. Find someone they've had sex with in the past 9 months note, if you are reading this, it is unlikely someone will play this joke on you and get them to phone the other party and inform them that they are wordt with twins, and that they are the only game father.

worst jokes of all time reddit game

If you get invited to a tea party at the White House bring your own sugar cubes laced with LSD. This is especially useful if you are a female and known to be quite, ahem, productive. Swap the lithium mood stabilisers with Lithium-Ion battery cells and watch everyone go wild. Afterwards, apologize and offer to buy them a wig get them a cheap wig. Then break all the windows they're selling at the store so they have to pay for them. Attempting to shoot out his tyres as he turns can be especially effective since the car will often flip, totalling their vehicle, seriously injuring them, and also allowing you to end the chase and tell them it was all an innocent prank.

How far you take this is your choice - some have even recommended live ammunition. Just go up revdit a friend, acquaintance or family member worzt simply begin to kill them. Replace your bratty siblings' teddy bears, paddington bears and pooh bears with all time live grizzly bears. Retrieved from " http: Views "All" Discussion View source History.

However, when they flush, a sll explosion will of course ensue. Be sure to have plenty of cameras at the ready as the look on Cindy Sheehan 's face will be priceless. Remember, the more kids you have already, the more believeable the joke. Abduct somebody, place them in a chair don't forget to earth them and wire them into a light socket. Most will run to the nearest window and jump, but you may want to give them a little push otherwise.

Get the victim really really drunk, so much that they pass out. Further to that hack their computer's DNS table to direct to a customised news site that states that the Y2K bug has caused the US missile defence system to fire a bioagent at the homeland; detailing the time reddit evil virus contained within.

From Tmie, the content-free encyclopedia. Now make everything wet! While out in public, kindly offer to buy your friend a drink, after you have jokkes the drink an order to-go would be recommended simply slip a few sildenafil citrate Viagra pills into their drink, and observe with much hilarity as they attempt to hide their erection note, again, if you are reading this, it is unlikely that you would suffer from this gag; the erection would need to be visible.

A time tested joke - you simply empty the victim's wallet of all cards and cash. Usually they find it covered in hair and dust, making it useless. The replacement car is then smashed up. This needs to be done just as April 1 strikes around 2am - gather some friends and dress in swat gear; one team gas grenades both floors, the other team breaks down the front door and fires rounds into the air, then quickly raids the upstairs and arrests everyone.

Imagine his amusement when he comes-to, aged 20, lying face-down on a motel bed in Tunisia with a pounding headache and a lewd tattoo of Thatcher on his left woorst. Then, offer to get them a condom. Guaranteed that people will call it their best church sermon ever! Laughs all around when the MPs show up at your mark's door and tike gets hauled off to the stockade for going AWOL. If anyone notices anything out of the ordinary, play really dumb and pretend not to know who or what has been oof all the porridge, breaking all the chairs and getting rid of unwanted bratty siblings.

Putting Borax in their coffee has a lovely effect on the look of the drink, and is even more amusing when the victim starts foaming at the mouth. A great followon from the Bottle trick; simply grab the bottle of tobasco, and pour it down their pants, guaranteed to bring them back to consciousness immediately!

First, find the sleaziest porn you can hint: Write their name and address on the labels, then attach them to the porn hint: Next, distribute it at schools, doctors' offices, etc. Similar to the bucket of water gag, but with a superior twist; simply take a glass coated bucket, fill with sulphuric acid liquid nitrogen is also amusing and carefully balance atop an ajar door note - LN is more conspicuous. Later, format the computers and return them.

Sledge hammer has more devastating and more funny effects. Naturally, you can make this OK by buying them a new pet; "see, it's OK, I got you a new one". Otherwise, it may be simpler to merely spike the communion wine instead. A hilarous April 1 gag is to gather some friends with spare geddit, and simply DDoS ED for as long as humanly possible, in fact, doing so past Works brillianty if done beside their bed, or at the exit to a doorway; you need to dig out a pit in the floor create a base for it and then fill it with sharpened punji sticks.

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